Cutting Edge is a young professional management consulting firm specializing in project management consulting, architecture, interior and construction. We provide our clients with planned management services in construction. Our years of experience and practical knowledge enable us to assist our clients in completing their construction projects on time, in time and on budget, each time and every time.

Cutting Edge Project Management Consultants furnishes a knowledgeable and experienced interface between the client, the architect and the building contractor. This enables our clients to utilize and benefit from our professional expertise and knowledgeable construction experience, in order to make the necessary timely and cost effective project decisions.

At Cutting Edge, we believe that our combined experience, diversity and technology allow us to bring your project the best services available .



Construction Planning is required for completion of the Project well within the scheduled time, incorporating the laid down design, specifications at the budgeted practical cost.


*Co-ordinating between Contractors & Consultants
*Synchronizing Consultants, Contractors & Owners


*Cost control system shall be installed, Project specific.
*Bidding negotiation with the vendor partners
*Cash flow chart in accordance with the Construction chart for better flow of project.
*Bill of Quantities are strictly maneuvered.
*A detailed progress report would be activated for better progress & loss management. *Estimate of monthly Cash flow requirement & other reports as required by the project owner. *Material reconciliation for a check of materials supplied by the client to contractors.


*Arrange for Topographical Survey of the Site/Land with existing utilities: instance-sanitary, storm water, sewerage, electrical lines & natural existing features like trees, hill, etc *Tests/ Investigation for soil – SBC, etc .
*Management of Project Construction, Equipment installation, commissioning, etc complete *Continuous maneuvering & Supervision with field tests at the Project site during the construction progress. This supervision / Inspection and Construction Management service is to be separate from a daily inspection/ supervision and other services provided by Contractor. *Certification, Counsel, Verification and approval of contractor’s running bills.
*Risk management by implementation of safety measures at project site to convene
the mode of construction


Periodical meetings would be arranged for the better progress of the project.

And we look forward for working with you each time and every time.