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About the Founder

Ar.Harisha H

Sole Proprietor at Cutting Edge Architects

AICTE Expert panel member

Managing partner at Lakshmi Ventures, a Real-estate Company – Promoters and Builders

Managing partner at Falcon Shelters, a Real-estate Company – Promoters and Builders

An Agriculturist at Karma Farms

Partner at Farm fresh organics

Harisha, an Entrepreneur, an Experimentalist, an Architect by profession and passion.

He graduated from MSRIT started with his career way back in 2002 while he was still studying his Bachelors.

CUTTING EDGE was his dream, which was started in 2003.

He carries a huge passion for design, innovation and sustainability, who also love to play around the beauty of place and space, He believes in setting trends by his complying design along the beauty of nature

His design and thought process of detailing the designs along a strong inclination with environment and culture makes him standout from others

He has partnered with Lakshmi Ventures and Falcon Shelters, a Real-estate company which helps in promoting and building projects across Bangalore. He has also partnered with Diary Business named “Farm Fresh organics” which deliveries milk and its byproducts across Bangalore every day. He also part of a farming venture names “Karma Farms” which is located off Chitradurga.

He has been AICTE expert panel member visiting the colleges and helping the AICTE with their Approval process.

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